August Review / September Preview

There's been lots of talk recently about "who turned off summer?" but just how bad was August?

It was a pretty average August, all things considered. No days above 30°C, 10 above 25°C, 25 above 20°C, and no days below 15°C. In terms of numbers it was very similar to 2013 and 2006.

There were no days close to any records this month, and about 10 days were below the average.

Edmonton's temperatures peak on July 22nd, but the initial dropoff through August is fairly gentle. But as we move into September and October we can see that speeding up.

About half of the time we'll see overnight frost in September.

And there's a slim chance that we'll see some temperatures above 30°C, but realistically those days are probably over. We haven't actually had any days above 30°C in 2016 - the closest we got were 29.5°C on May 7; 29.6 on June 6, and 29 on July 29.

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  1. The "no days below 15C" is actually "no highs below 15C". There were plenty of days with temperatures below 15.